Sir Edward Wakefield, 1st Baronet

16 July 2023

Sir Edward Wakefield was a remarkable individual whose contributions left a lasting impact on various spheres. As an alumnus of Haileybury UK, he embodied the values of excellence, integrity, and leadership. Renowned for his visionary mindset, Wakefield played a pivotal role in the development of the aviation industry.

His innovative ideas revolutionised aircraft manufacturing, and he was instrumental in the creation of the world's first purpose-built aerodrome. A man of great determination and foresight, Wakefield's efforts pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible in aviation. He was created a Baronet of Kendal in the County of Westmorland. A Baronet is a member of a British hereditary order of honour, below a baron but above all knights except Knights of the Garter and Knights of the Thistle.

Latest News

Haileybury Bhaluka visits Bangladesh Safeguarding Summit

Haileybury, Bangladesh 26 September 2023

Safeguarding experts and school leaders came together at "The Bangladesh Safeguarding Summit" to establish international standards and practices for safeguarding school students. Simon O'Grady, Founding Headmaster of Haileybury Bhaluka, was delighted to collaborate with The British Council. He shares how Haileybury Bhaluka is supporting safeguarding in all schools in Bangladesh via the newly formed B-SAFE (Bangladesh Safeguarding Alliance for Educators), open to all schools. Spreading the word :

Executive Chairman of BIDA meets the Headmaster of Haileybury Bhaluka

Haileybury, Bangladesh 19 September 2023

Simon O'Grady, Founding Headmaster of Haileybury Bhaluka was delighted to meet the Executive Chairman of the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority., Lokman Hossain Miah, on Supporting Education Investment - building world class schools in Bangladesh. Discussing strategy to build great schools in economic zones.

Haileybury Bhaluka at Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Haileybury, Bangladesh 13 September 2023

At this year's Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Simon O'Grady, the Founding Headmaster of Haileybury Bhaluka, was delighted to acknowledge the work of hundreds of Award Volunteers in Bangladesh. In building an eco-system, Haileybury Bhaluka is offering its extensive facilities and supporting fellow schools for practice expeditions, skills training and Award Leader conferences.